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NITI Aayog drafted three years action plan for all the sectors including agriculture. The details of the action plan may be obtained from the link http://niti.gov.in. The action plan on agriculture deals with remunerative prices for farmers and raising productivity through following measures:

Image of Paradigm Shift

Image of Paradigm Shift

Image of Paradigm Shift

Increase in Production of Pulses

  • National Food Security Mission (NFSM-Pulses) implemented in 638 districts covers cluster demonstrations on improved practices, demonstrations on cropping system, distribution of High Yielding Varieties (HYVs), INM, IPM, resource conservation technologies and tools, efficient water application tools and cropping system training for increasing production.
  • New initiatives during 2016 - 17 include creation of seed hubs, breeder seed production, minikit distribution, and cluster frontline demonstrations

Use of Wasteland

PMKSY deals with development of rainfed portions of net cultivated & culturable wastelands.

Seed Village Programme

  • Seed village program covers certified seed production of pulses, oilseeds, fodder, & green manure crops. The program provides financial assistance for distribution of foundation seeds at 75 % cost of the seeds for pulses, oilseeds, fodder and green manure crops for production of certified seeds.
  • Previosly, to upgrade quality saved seeds financial assistance for distribution of certified seeds at 50 % cost of the seeds for agricultural crops for half an acre per farmer available up to the year 2013 - 14.
  • From 2014 - 15 financial assistance covers 60 % of cost for pulses, oilseeds, fodder and green manure crops for production of quality seeds for one acre per farmer.

Model Contract Farming Act

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare has constituted a committee on 28.02. 2017 to formulate a Model Contract Farming Act to address the constraints in promoting contract farming in a holistic manner.

About Evergreen Revolution

Image of M.S. Swaminathan

Image of M. S. Swaminathan

Image of M. S. Swaminathan

  • Swaminathan coined the term ”Evergreen Revolution” to highlight the pathway of increasing production and productivity in a manner such that short and long term goals of food production are not mutually antagonistic.
  • He highlighted that country needs to produce more from less- less land, less pesticide, less water this is the evergreen revolution to get sustainable agriculture.
  • He started working on three main areas to support this revolution, better disease crops, better soil health, and fertility without chemical fertilizers and biological controls to reduce damage caused by pests.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 6, 2017

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