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Islamic Military Union has been launched by Saudi Arabia in order to fight terrorism for this new military alliance of 34 nation’s mainly Muslim nations is selected. It has been established to achieve the objectives and principles of the charter of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The main aim behind this is to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations by cooperation for all member states.

About Islamic Military Coalition

  • At the Saudi capital, Riyadh the joint operations center of the union will be located.
  • The union includes nations who have large and reputable armies such as Turkey, Pakistan and Egypt as well as war-torn countries such as Libya and Yemen.
  • Member nations: Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Sudan, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Gabon United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Lebanon, Maldives, Libya, Turkey, Benin, Togo, Chad, Djibouti, Comoros, Palestine, Somalia, Guinea, Qatar, Kuwait, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Yemen.
  • International pressure on the Gulf Arab states to do more in the fight against so-called Islamic State is the main objective behind this establishment.
  • The new associations will organize efforts against terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 16, 2015

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