3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation Will Be Host by India (Download PDF)

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Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation will be hosted by India. It will starts from 12 April 2016 to save tigers and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate it. 13 tiger range countries (TRCs) will participate in this conference and they are:

  • Bangladesh,
  • Bhutan,
  • Cambodia,
  • China,
  • India,
  • Indonesia,
  • Lao PDR,
  • Malaysia,
  • Myanmar,
  • Nepal,
  • Russia,
  • Thailand, and
  • Vietnam.

Key facts:

  • These conferences is based on
  • good practices and success stories in conserving tigers
  • Success stories in conserving tigers.
  • At the global level these conference will bring desired momentum and cooperative for tiger conservation.
  • Previously 1st edition of conference was conducted in Hua Hin, Thailand in 2010 and 2nd edition was held in Thimphu, Bhutan in 2013.

Tiger population in India:

70 % population presented in India according to the 2014 tiger census, there are 2,226 tigers in the country.

State-wise population:

  • Karnataka has the highest number of tigers 406,
  • Uttarakhand has 340,
  • Madhya Pradesh has 308,
  • Tamil Nadu has 229,
  • Maharashtra has 190,
  • Assam has 167,
  • Kerala has 136 and
  • Uttar Pradesh has 117.

- Published/Last Modified on: February 25, 2016

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