5 New Long-Haired Wasp Species Found in India (Download PDF)

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Scientists from India have discovered 5 new long - haired species of wasps from different parts of the country. They were discovered by researchers from National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources.

Key features:

  • These species are named ‘adikeshavus’ which in Sanskrit means ‘first one to have long hairs’ .
  • The community of these new five wasp species have been categorized by its exclusive preference for spider eggs i.e.. parasitising on these relatively medium - sized eggs.
  • They have minute wings which allow them to slip through the silk strands of the egg sacs.
  • These sacs which are dumped in leaf litter by the spiders.
  • These 5 wasp species have a unchanging length of 1 to 2mm and cluster into groups.
  • Their discovery would help researchers to yield large number of species of parasitoids attacking spider eggs in India.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 18, 2015

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