U.S. Imposes CAATsA Sanctions on Turkey for S-400 Missile Purchase (Download PDF)

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  • The United States of America has imposed sanctions on Turkey over Ankara՚s acquisition of Russian S-400 air defense systems. In mid-2019, Ankara acquired the Russian S-400 ground-to-air defenses making it clear that it poses no threat to NATO allies.
  • Turney was already removed from an F-35 jet program last year by Washington. Sanctions were imposed under section 231 of the Countering America՚s Adversaries through Sanctions Act, CAATSA.
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  • Countering America՚s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act.
  • This federal law was enacted in 2017 with already imposed sanctions on Iran, North Korea, and Russia.
  • If a country knowingly engaged or operates for Russian defense or its intelligence sectors.

Sanctions imposed from section 235 of the act:

  • VISA restrictions.
  • Opposing loans from International Financial Institutions such as World Bank, IMF, etc.
  • Prohibition on loans or credit by the United States Financial Institutions.
  • Prohibition on granting US export license for both goods and technology.
  • All assistance to be cut off from the United States export-import Bank.

Concerns for India

  • During the period 2010 - 17, according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) , Russia was the top arms supplier to India.
  • India already made a deal of ₹ 39,000 crore for the acquisition of advanced S-400 Triumph air defense missile systems from Russia.
  • Although India has got a waiver from the Trump administration on the S-400 air defense systems, still it hopes that the new Biden govt. would not work towards reversing the decision.

Sanctions that may impact either India-Russia relations:

  • Prohibition of Banking transactions.
  • It would become difficult for India to make payments in USD to Russia for the purchase of the S-400 systems.

Sanctions that may affect India-US relations:

  • Deal of defense related items.
  • End of all nuclear related items.
  • Dual-use high technology goods and technology.
  • Any other items or trade requiring US govt. prior review and approval.

India Russia Defense Relations

  • 14 Memorandum of understanding exchanged during Defexpo 2020 India and Russia.
  • The defense trade between India and Russia is to cross 16 billion USD.
  • India depends on Russia for its bulk military requirement. Nuclear submarine INS Chakra, Supersonic Brahmos Cruise missiles, kilo class conventional submarine, MIG and Sukhoi fighters etc. are some of them.
  • Russia also facilitated India՚s inclusion into SCO.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 21, 2021

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