7.1 Magnitude Earthquakes in New Zealand Generates Tsunami, but No Damage, Say Officials (Download PDF)

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In the New Zealand on Friday at 4.37 pm a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake generated waves of about 21 cm for about 16 minutes. In nearby Tokomaru Bay, Marlene Kipa heard the civil defence warning sirens and her mind went to other disasters.

What is earthquake?

  • The natural vibration of the ground and the earth crust produced by forces is called earthquake.
  • Usually earthquake occurs when rocks under Stress suddenly shift along a Fault.
  • Stress:: A force that can change the size and shape of the rocks.
  • Fault:: fractures in the earth where movement occurred.
  • The area long a fault where shipping first occurs is called focus of an earthquake.
Earthquake Generated Waves

About New Zealand

  • New Zealand is an island in the south western Pacific Ocean as well as it has high income.
  • There are two main islands are 1) north island and 2) south island, they are sharpened by the Cook Strait.
New Zealand

7.1 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand

  • The warning covered the East of the north island and the upper south island.
  • Some damage to property has been reported, but no injuries.
  • There was power cut in a few places
Power Cut in a Few Places
  • In New Zealand, where earthquakes are common and Civil Defence regularly holds practice drills for coastal residents so they know how to react in an emergency.
  • In Te Araroa (north land) the entire population of 600 left their homes for higher ground according to local Iain Fraser.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 6, 2016

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