7<Sup>th</Sup> Meeting of SAARC Immigration Authorities Held in Islamabad (Download PDF)

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Seventh meeting of SAARC immigration authorities held in Islamabad, Pakistan. Its aim is to study various area to maximize the potential of visa exemption scheme launched between the member countries in 1992.

SAARC Visa Exemption Scheme

Key details of Meeting:

  • Home ministers discussed the issues related a coordinated fight against terrorism, illegal trafficking in narcotic drugs and small arms.
  • This meeting also it՚s also focus on improve information-sharing among the law enforcement agencies
  • it՚s also focused on strengthening networking among police authorities of SAARC member-countries.
  • It also considered the development of security software for SAARC visa exemption scheme and immigration matters.
  • This software helpful to convert the existing manual system to online visa application system.

About SAARC visa exemption scheme (SVES) :

  • SVES was launched in 1992.
  • SAARC visa exemption scheme provide dignitaries the special travel document this are exempts them from visas to travel within the region for the specified time period.
  • Its facilitating people to people contact among the peoples of SAARC countries.
About SAARC Visa Exemption Scheme
  • The below countries professionals will enjoy free travel:
Name of Countries Professionals Will Enjoy Free Travel

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