9 agricultural products from north-east India accorded GI registration tag [ Current News (Concise) ]


Geographical indication (GI) registration tag launched organic and exotic agricultural products from Northeast India and it will help to protect these exclusive special local crops and pave way for better branding and marketing of these products both in domestic and international Market.

Geographical Indication (GI) accorded products from Northeast India -

  • Assam Karbi Anglong Ginger.
  • Assam Tezpur Litchi.
  • Meghalaya Khasi Mandarin.
  • Sikkim Large Cardamom.
  • Mizoram Bird Eye Chilly.
  • Manipur Kachai Lemon.
  • Tripura Queen Pineapple.
  • Arunachal Orange.
  • Nagaland Tree Tomato.

Union Government of India owned North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited (NERAMAC) had played important role in getting GI registry. North Eastern Council (NEC) provided the financial support to this initiative.

Darjeeling tea was the first product in India accorded with GI tag and Geographical Indication is an insignia on products having a unique geographical origin and evolution over centuries.

Geographical indication (GI) registration tag is a mark of authenticity and ensures that registered authorized users (or at least those residing inside the geographic territory) are allowed to use the popular product name.

According to the Registration and Protection act, 1999, India GI registration is governed by the Geographical Indications of goods.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 31, 2015