A sweet banana species is discovered in Andaman (Download PDF)

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Musa indandamanensis, a banana species has been discovered in Andaman. Discovered by: team of scientists from the Botanical Survey of India (BSI). Place: A remote Krishna Nalah tropical rain forest on Andaman Islands.

About Musa indandamanensis:

  • It is three times the size of a regular banana species.
  • It has exclusive green flowers and fruit bunch lux (axis).
  • It is about 11 metres high as compared to usual banana species which is about 3 to 4 meters high.
  • Fruit lux is about 1 metres which is thrice in size compared to regular species.
  • Pulp of fruit has distinctive orange colour.
  • Flowers are cylindrical in shape compared to pointed shape of regular bananas.
  • Tribal people on the island eat it and are very sweet.
  • The plants of species are very inadequate and needs preservation.


  • These species has big fruit lux, the genes taken out from it can be very used for increasing banana production in the country.
  • It can be also used for sprouting new banana plants species.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 14, 2015

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