ADB Inks $220 Million Loan Agreement for Rajasthan State Highways Investment Program (Download PDF)

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Union Government and Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed $220 million loan agreement on State Highways of Rajasthan. Part of first part of the $500 million Rajasthan State Highways Investment Program, approved by ADB Board in May 201 7 to upgrade about 2,000 kilometers of state highways and district roads.

Image of Asian Development Bank

Image of Asian Development Bank

Image of Asian Development Bank

About Rajasthan State Highways Investment Program

  • Aims improve State Highways and district roads in Rajasthan.
  • The total cost of the project is $1.415 billion, of government contributing $465 million and $450 million from the private sector and other concessionaries.

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

  • Regional development bank to promote social and economic development in Asia.
  • Established on 19 December 1966.
  • Headquartered in Manila, Philippines.
  • Has 67 members- 48 from Asia and the Pacific; 19 outside.
  • Modelled like World Bank- similar weighted voting system
  • Votes distributed in proportion with members’ capital subscriptions.
  • Japan is the largest shareholder (capital subscription) of ADB having 15.7 % shares followed US (15.6%), China (6.5%), India (6.4%), and Australia (5.8%).

- Published/Last Modified on: July 9, 2017


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