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  • A new technology has been developed in Artificial Intelligence known as GPT-3.
  • it՚s an AI that is better at creating content that has a language structure (human or machine language) than anything that has come before it.
  • GPT-3 has been created by Open AI; a research business co-founded by Elon Musk.
AI GPT 3 a Humanoid in the Making


  • It has been described as the most important and useful advance in AI for years.
  • GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3. It is the third version of the tool to be released.
  • It generates texts using algorithms that are pre-trained.
  • GPT-3 can create anything that has a language structure. Thus, it can
    • Answer questions
    • Write essays
    • Summarize long texts
    • Translate languages
    • Take memos
    • Create computer code
  • It is shown creating an app that looks and functions similarly to the Instagram application, using a plugin for the software tool, Figma, which is widely used for app design.
  • This is revolutionary and if it proves to be useful and usable in the long term, it could have huge implications for the way software and apps are developed in the future.
  • However, it is a hugely expensive tool to use right now.
  • It is a closed or black-box system as Open AI has not revealed the full details of how its algorithm works.
  • The output of the system is not perfect when it is asked to produce something longer or more complex.
  • The above issues can be expected to be addressed over time as
    • Computer power continues to drop in price
    • Standardization around openness of AI platforms is established
    • Algorithms are fine-tuned with increasing volumes of data
  • it՚s a fair conclusion that GPT-3 produces results that are leaps and bound ahead of what has been seen previously.

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