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Union Agriculture Ministry has set up an Agri Business Incubation Centre in Chhattisgarh. The centre is set up by Agriculture Ministry Indira Gandhi Agriculture University of Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Agri Business Incubation Centre is set up under National Agriculture Development Scheme- RAFTAAR (Remunerative Approaches for Agriculture and Allied sector Rejuvenation). It is established to focus on innovations, skill building and entrepreneurs development in agriculture and allied sectors. It will act as catalyst for developing an ecosystem conducive for growth of agripreneurship (i. e. entrepreneurship in agriculture) in state and foster a start-up culture.

Image show in Agri-Business Incubation Services

Image Show in Agri-Business Incubation Services

Image show in Agri-Business Incubation Services

National Agriculture Development Scheme- RAFTAAR

  • Prime Minister of India under Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs in November 2017 approved continuation of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana- Remunerative Approaches for Agriculture and Allied sector Rejuvenation (RKVY-RAFTAAR) for a period of 3 years i. e. 2017 - 18 to 2019 - 20.

  • The main aim was to make farming an economic activity by strengthening farmer’s effort, risk mitigation and promoting agribusiness entrepreneurship.

  • For start-ups in different areas of agriculture relating to guidance, technology and infrastructure was supposed to be provided to youth and entrepreneurs.

  • The continuation of RKVY-RAFTAAR would keep the momentum of agriculture and allied sector growth.

Issues Addressed

  • The issues such as food crisis, poverty, increasing unemployment & life threatening effects of climate change.

  • Problems that preventing development of agriculture are poor adoption of technology for agriculture, right from production up to market access

  • Lack of interaction with optimum systems has also reduced adoption by rural farmers in the form of training and subsidy programmes.

Resolutions Addressed

  • A system of various interacting units needs to be installed to reduce relative cost of production and increase profits.

  • For instance fish farm waste water irrigates fruit and vegetable fields, thus fruit and vegetables are grown with little added cost yet rake in significant income from sales.

  • Production & processing equipment/machinery are made on the farm using local material & basic technology, such as the solar drier.

  • Working with partners, demonstration farms needs to be carried out on AIC with farmers participation.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 11, 2019

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