Agricultural Research and Challenges: (Kurukshetra September 2020) (Download PDF)

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Agricultural Research

Agricultural Research

Mexican dwarf wheat varieties – Lerma Rojo 64-A, Sonora 63, Sonora 64, Mayo 64, and S 227.

Agricultural Challenges

Agricultural Challenges
  • A recently released book entitled Supporting Indian Forms the Smart Way shows that every rupee spent on agricultural research and development, yields better returns (11.2) , compared to fertilizer subsidy (0.88) , power subsidy (0.79) , education (0.97) or on roads (1.10) . The focus of research policy should remain on improving efficiency of public research system and encouraging participation of private sector wherever possible.
  • Development of agricultural research system – ATMA (Agricultural Technology Management Agency) for technology dissemination
  • Higher Agri-research spending – 0.4 % in India; 0.5 % in China and 1.8 % in Brazil
  • Focus on crop and non-crop sector
  • Small farm holders with 47.3 % land holdings and 73.6 % women on farms with 12.6 % land holdings
  • Private sector for research extension.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 22, 2020

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