Agricultural Trade Exports and Imports: (Kurukshetra September 2020)

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Agricultural Trade Exports

Agricultural Trade Exports
  • WTO forecasted that 2020 trade will be low by 13 to 32 % due to pandemic
  • 10 % of global agricultural trade at $ 19.67 trillion -17 % gross value added, 40 % employment and 11 % India՚s trade
  • India is 8th largest exporter of agricultural produce
  • Commodity boards like Coffee Board, Rubber Board, Spices Board, Tea Board and Tobacco Board which inter alia specifically promote exports of agricultural commodities.
  • GI products – basmati rice, Nagpur orange, Cheese from Italy, French Cognac
  • Cereal account for 20 % of agricultural exports.

Agricultural Trade Imports

Agricultural Trade Imports

Korea and Norway – have high import tariff to protect agricultural sector - these render imports uncompetitive

  • Non-tariff barriers like certification, registration, testing, packaging, licensing, and restrictions
  • 2018 – EU reduced permissible level of fungicide in import of rice for health reasons, aflatoxins in peanut
  • Kisan Rath app – for agricultural movement of goods
  • Export oriented production, export promotion, better farmer realization and better policies
  • WTO subsidy of 10 % of total value food production for developing countries and in case of breach action by other members must be avoided under Peace Clause. India is 1st to invoke Peace Clause for breaching subsidy limit of rice in 2018 - 19
  • Agricultural inputs – seeds – hybrid in cotton, oil, corn; fertilizers – neem coated urea; agrochemicals; farm machinery & equipment; irrigation
  • Smart Agriculture – Farm management, LED lights, GIS, Block chain, Nanotechnology, AI.

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