Agro Ecology and Natural Farming Could Accelerate Inclusive Economic Growth in India (Download PDF)

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Agro Ecology and Natural Farming Could Accelerate Inclusive Economic Growth in India

  • Recently a convention was organized by NITI Aayog to boost agro ecological and natural farming approaches in India.
  • The convention included international and national experts and policymakers.
  • Natural farming is our indigenous system based on cow dung and urine, biomass, mulch and soil aeration.
Agro ecology and Natural farming could accelerate

Agro Ecology and Natural Farming Could Accelerate

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  • In the convention Minister of Agriculture said that in the next five years we intend to reach 20 lakh hectares in any form of organic farming, including natural farming, of which 12 lakh hectares fall under Bharatiya Prakritik Krishi Paddhati Programme (BPKP).
  • Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana was launched in 2015 to promote organic farming among small and marginal farmers.
  • In the last four years it has covered 7 lakh hectares and 8 lakh farmers.
  • Natural farming has been taken up on a large scale in-
    • Andhra Pradesh
    • Karnataka
    • Himachal Pradesh
    • Kerala
  • 2 lakh hectares have been brought under natural farming by Andhra Pradesh alone.
  • In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need to have chemical fertilizer and pesticide free food, while not ignoring the need to feed and nourish the country.
  • Agro ecology and natural farming can avoid excessive and wasteful use of water, prevent farmer indebtedness, and contribute to mitigating greenhouse gases.
  • Agro ecology can also support farmer incomes and their ability to adapt to climate change.
  • India’s pioneering leadership in the arena of agro ecology has been acknowledged by International experts from-
    • US
    • UK
    • Netherlands
    • CGIAR
    • Australia
    • Germany
    • UN
  • Agro ecology is the science of applying ecology to agriculture for sustainable outcomes that are more resilient to
    • Climate shocks such as droughts and flooding
    • Pest attacks
  • Agro ecology is still productive and supports farmers’ livelihoods.
  • Natural farming avoids use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • It focuses on reviving the beneficial soil organisms that contribute to fertility and good nutrition of plants.
  • Experts have explained that well-nourished plants result in well-nourished human beings.
  • Evidences were provided about benefits of agro ecology from
    • Latest studies
    • Cutting-edge research
    • Scientific experiments
    • Practical experience from economics, finance and markets
  • Agro ecology makes farming not only productive but also truly regenerative and sustainable.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 24, 2020

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