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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandababu Naidu launched the website of the Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board (APEDB). Website is aimed to provide a repository of knowledge on investing in Andhra Pradesh. Website would provide valuable insights to the investor, seeking to invest in the state of AP.

AP CM launched APEDB website in New Delhi

AP CM Launched APEDB Website in New Delhi

AP CM launched APEDB website in New Delhi

About EDB

  • The Economic Development Board has been conceived under the leadership of the Honourable Chief Minister.
  • To accelerate the inclusive economic growth of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The board acts as a catalyst to facilitate economic growth, investment climate, reforms, and competitiveness in Andhra Pradesh.

The functions of the EDB include:

  • Strategic investment planning and promotion
  • Nodal point of contact for investments
  • Mobilization of resources required for supplementing public and private investment
  • Facilitating inter-departmental coordination
  • Economic and policy research
The functions of the EDB

The Functions of the EDB

The functions of the EDB

EBD has 8 divisions as followings

  • Strategic Planning and Policy Division (SPPD)
  • Investment Promotion & Project Facilitation Division (IPPD)
  • External Engagement Division (EED)
  • Public Private Partnership Division (PPPD)
  • Resource Mobilization Division (RMD)
  • Special Purpose Vehicles Division (SPVD)
  • Entrepreneurship Development Division (ENDD)
  • Policy Science Lab (PSCL)

- Published/Last Modified on: December 11, 2016


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