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To measures the face of regional threats as its Defence upgradation Israel has successfully tested Arrow ballistic missile Weapon System. By collaboration of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and the US aviation giant Boeing this has been developed.

Arrow ballistic missile interceptor

Arrow Ballistic Missile Interceptor

Test fired recently by Israel

Key facts

  • In Israel’s missile defense resource Arrow 3 is the top-tier system.
  • It is the short-range Iron Dome interceptor and compare to other lowest-tier Defence it is more powerful.
  • It offers exo-atmospheric interception of ballistic missiles viz designed to shoot down missiles above the atmosphere.
  • It has ability to hit targets in space that are meant to pretend a nuclear or chemical weapon that could be launched from Iran, Syria or Hezbollah.
  • In 1988, US have first launch the Arrow ballistic missile project as part of the Star Wars programme and then it was uninhibited in 1993.


  • Since August 2008, US and Israeli governments have started development of an upper-tier component to the Israeli Air Defense Command, known as Arrow 3 with approximately 99 % kill rate
  • According to an architecture definition study which is conducted in 2006–2007 this missile was being developed which determining the need for the upper-tier component to be integrated into Israel’s ballistic missile defense system.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 11, 2015


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