Artificial Propagation Programme of Mahseer Fish Launched by Himachal Pradesh for Conservation (Download PDF)

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An artificial propagation programme launched by Himachal Pradesh fisheries department for rehabilitation and conservation of Golden Mahseer fish, a hatchery has been set up in the state with an outlay of ₹ 6 crore to rear mahseer fish and announcement its fingerlings into the wild under this programme.

Population Decline

  • The residents of the golden mahseer have seen weakening in current times in rivers of Himachal Pradesh as they are unsettled for sport and food.
  • Due to various reasons such as construction of dams, barrages, indiscriminate fishing of juvenile and brood fish, pollution, introduction of exotic species and habitat deterioration it was failed.

About Golden mahseer

  • Golden mahseer is the longest-living freshwater fish and also known as the tiger of Indian rivers and fits to the genus Tor.
  • It is natural to foothill and sub-mountain districts and is originate at heights of up to 2,000 meters overhead sea level.
  • During the southwest floods it travels upstream for producing and after spawning, it proceeds to the inventive nursing grounds International
  • It was declared as endangered by Union of Conservation of Natural Resources (IUCN) .

- Published/Last Modified on: May 23, 2016

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