As World’s Most Valuable Company Alphabet Inc. Overtakes Apple


As the most valuable company in the world Alphabet Inc. the parent company of Google has overtaken Apple. In the fourth quarter Alphabet has made a profit of $4.9 billion which is valued at 548 billion dollars followed by Apple with 534 billion dollars.

  • The fundamental businesses of Google was one of the largest contributor to had profits of Alphabet which has reported profits about 74.5 billion dollars in 2015 and had made a profit of 23.4 billion dollars.
  • Apple had overtaken Exxon Mobil to become the most valuable company in the world in 2012 and Apple became the first company to reach a market value of $700 billion in 2015.

About Alphabet Inc. :

  • Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational company which was formed in 2015 as the parent company of Google and several other companies which is earlier maintained by Google.
  • The company is based in California and headed by Google’s co-founders, Larry Page as CEO of the company and Sergey Brin as a President.
  • It was formed as part of Google’s new organizational structure.
  • On October 2, 2015 the reformation of Google in to Alphabet was completed.
  • Alphabet’s portfolio includes several industries like technology, life sciences, investment capital, and research.

- Published/Last Modified on: February 3, 2016