Assam Government Launches Rhino Horn Verification Process (Download PDF)

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Assam government has been launches verification process of rhino horns. Since 1980, stored in various treasuries of Assam. Recently, this government instituted a committee to verify genuineness of the rhino horn. Since 1980, it recovered in last three decades and stored in different treasuries of the state.

Rhino Horn Verification Begins in Assam
  • 12 members through the process of verification will be conducted.
  • Recently, State government instituted rhino horns verification committee.
  • Rhino Horns trunks containing will be carried in batches from the treasury to the Golaghat circuit house under heavy security.
  • By the district authority, the Special security arrangements have been made for this.

Key Points:

  • This committee is headed by former forest officer and former Assam State Information Commissioner, Mohan Chandra Malakar.
  • Other member of the committee includes:
Other Member of the Committee
  • Committee will visit every treasury of Assam where the horns are stored and within 60 days is expected to file the report.
  • Rhino horns are spread in 12 treasuries of Assam, maximum being in Golaghat followed by Nagaon, Guwahati and Tezpur.
  • The expert՚s particular horn would be stated of the State Forensic Laboratory.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 15, 2016


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