Assocham-KPMG Study: India is Fifth Largest Producer of E-Waste (Download PDF)

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India has developed as the world՚s fifth largest electronic waste (e-waste) producer according to the recent study conducted by Assocham-KPMG. Each year India discards approximately 18.5 lakh tonnes of e-waste and telecom equipment alone accounts for 12 % of it.

Key facts:

  • According to the study the apprehension of growing levels of e-waste generation in India in recent years.
  • India has grown as second major mobile market with 1.03 billion subscribers; nearly 25 % of it ends up in e-waste annually.
  • The messy sector in India is measured to handle around 95 % of the e-waste produced in the country.
  • The study has recommended that e-waste collection targets implemented in a phased manner under the current policy should set lower and practically attainable target limits.
  • Complete execution procedures for collection of e-waste from the market also require be suggesting and following.

Current Policy on e-waste management

  • e-waste management rules, 2016 was notified by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) and for the first time this rule have covered under extended producers՚ responsibility (EPR) of electronics producers.
  • It has recommended a waste collection target of 305 e-waste produced under EPR for the first two years (till 2016) and it will gradually go up to 70 % in the seventh year of the rule.
  • These rules also have approved stringent financial penalties for non-compliance.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 27, 2016

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