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Vela super cluster, one of the biggest super galaxy clusters near the Milky Way, has been discovered by a team of international astronomers. It was undetected for long and masked by stars and dust in the Milky Way. This is one of the biggest concentrations of galaxies in the Universe - possibly the biggest in the neighborhood of our Galaxy.

Universe's supercluster of galaxies discovered near Milky Way

Universe's Supercluster of Galaxies Discovered Near Milky Way

Universe's supercluster of galaxies discovered near Milky Way

Puzzle of Milky Way

  • The new discovery may answer the retardation on the speed of Milky Way.
  • Earth’s galaxy containing 100 billion or more stars with a mass of 400 billion suns.
  • Vela can offer hints on how Milky Way got to the current location in the universe and gravity of the super cluster can explain the variations in Milky Way’s measured motion in space and predicted patterns.
  • It has been a puzzle for astronomers who assessed that Milky Way was not traveling at the expected speed.
  • The gravity of the Vela super cluster might explain the difference between the measured motion of the Milky Way and the motion predicted from the distribution of previously mapped galaxies.

Studying Clusters

  • Gravitationally bound Galaxy clusters are among the largest structures in the universe.
  • Hundreds of galaxies spread in a not so vast area, usually limited to a few million light-years across.
  • One key feature of clusters is the big population of elliptical yet massive galaxies at the core.
  • Clusters formed stars a long time ago but not making stars anymore.

The Structure of the Milky Way Consists of

  • Bulge  - roughly spherical system of old stars surrounding the nucleus
  • Disk - flat system centered on bulge that contains the spiral arms, with their molecular clouds and young stars
  • Halo -  large spherical system of old stars containing globular clusters, some isolated stars, and surrounding the whole visible galaxy
  • Nucleus  - small region in the very center that may contain black hole) - called the “Galactic Center” for the Milky Way
  • Dark matter
The Structure of the Milky Way

The Structure of the Milky Way

The Structure of the Milky Way

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