August 9: International Day of the World’S Indigenous People (Download PDF)

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United Nations (UN) International Day of the World՚s Indigenous People is observed on August 9. International Day of the World՚s Indigenous People was first marked by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

  • Right of indigenous peoples to education is also protected by a number of other international instruments. it՚s including Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Goal 4 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development also calls for safeguarding equal access to all levels of education and professional training for the vulnerable including indigenous peoples.
International Day of the World՚s Indigenous People

Importance of the Day:

  • The importance of this day is to identify the contributions and achievements of the indigenous people and to improve world issues like environmental protection.

Theme 2016:

  • 2016 Theme: “Indigenous Peoples Right to Education” .
  • This theme is dedicated to the right to education of indigenous people as a critical education gap occurs between indigenous peoples and the general population.


  • In 1982, the first UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations meeting in held in Geneva.
  • UN General Assembly decided the International Day of the World՚s Indigenous People in 1994.
  • This day observed on August 9 annually during the International ten year period of the World՚s Indigenous People.
  • Decade՚s aims was to further strengthen international cooperation for solving problems faced by indigenous peoples in areas such as:
    • Culture
    • Education
    • Health
    • Human rights
    • Environment
    • Social and economic development

- Published/Last Modified on: August 9, 2016

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