BBC Released a Documentary Film India’s Daughter (Download PDF)

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BBC (Chairman Mukesh Singh) released a documentary film India՚s Daughter and directed by Leslee Udwin and the British media giant broadcasted the film in UK. “India՚s Daughter” title of documentary film is based on the Delhi gang rape and murder of the 23-year-old female named Nirbhaya on 16 December 2012. The film was not released in British only but also released in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Canada.

  1. A Delhi court has restrained the media from publishing, broadcasting, telecasting or uploading the interview on the internet. Also, Indian Parliament witnessed outrage over the interview and demanded to ban the screening of the documentary to which Union Government heeded.
  2. “India՚s Daughter” title՚s film will released on 8 March 2015 on the occasion of The makers of International Women՚s Day but ban imposed on by the Indian government.
  3. The family of Delhi gang rape victim has taken a strong exception to making public of their daughter՚s name in the BBC documentary and has warned of taking legal action in this connection.
  4. The Union Home Ministry had on Wednesday asked BBC not to broadcast the documentary anywhere.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 8, 2015

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