BRICs Convention 2016 on Tourism Kicked off in Madhya Pradesh (Download PDF)

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Union Minister of State for Tourism and Culture Surendra Patwa has inaugurated the two day BRICS Convention 2016 on Tourism in Khajuraho Madhya Pradesh at UNESCO World heritage site Khajuraho for encouraging intra-regional tourism as a pioneer of the BRICS Summit going to be held in Goa during October 2016.

Location of Khajuraho on India Map
  • The main aim behind this convention is encourage tourism sector for economic growth.
  • Khajuraho is selected for the convention due it shows India՚s rich historical civilization and cultural heritage.

Important highlights:

  • The convention will be attended by BRICS countries (India, Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa) .
  • Every participating county will give and exchange ideas and opinion for introducing or upgrading innovation in truism.
  • The convention also pays attention on the cooperation among all the participating countries as a promotion of intra-regional tourism.
  • Besides, it will primarily focus on cooperation between the BRICS countries for promoting intra-regional tourism.
  • Business to Business (B2B) meeting between India Travel Trade and other BRICS countries will also be tack place.
  • Cultural elements, handicrafts and cuisine of different regions of India will also be displayed in the convention for showcasing India՚s strong culture.

Khajuraho Temple:

Khajuraho Temple
  • It is a group of Hindu and Jain Temples which was formed during 950 and 1050 AD by Chandela Dynasty.
  • It is an UNESCO World heritage Site located in Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh.
  • It includes total 85 temples spread in 20 square kilometers but currently only 20 temples of them are present.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 5, 2016

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