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Bharat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palika (BBMP) has launched new mobile app named eToilet. This app will useful to find nearest electronic toilet (e-toilet) location. About eToilet Application: This Application is enable any citizen to find nearest digital toilet quickly with map.

  • This eToilet app will be freely available at google play store.
  • A Kerala based Eram Scientific Solutions has installed 80 e-toilets in the city and this all toilets are mapped in eToilet app.
  • The app also contains details about how to use these e-toilets.
  • This app also generates usage data, information on health status and water condition for monitoring authorities.
  • Users can give their feedback with photos and also suggest new places for more e-toilets.

About eToilet:

  • These are fully digital and clean toilets.
  • These toilets are designed to use very little water.
  • It is totally environment friendly.
  • eToilet is developed by Eram Scientific Solutions.
  • It has facility of automatic Payment collection, when a person add coin the door will be open and lights will on automatically which save electricity.
  • There is audio guideline is also provided for easy use.
  • It is programed as, after 3 minutes of use 1.5 litter water will flush itself and if usage is longer than 4.5 litters.
  • After every 5 or 10 person, program will completely clean platform.
  • The corporation plans to install 100 additional e-toilets within few months.

- Published/Last Modified on: February 25, 2016

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