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The shareholders of a Swiss financial services company have agreed to a takeover bid of the Mars One space organization. Hopefully, the move will forward the company’s big plans to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars.

Going to the Red Planet is an expensive business, and the main players are working to acquire sufficient cash to underwrite their dreams.

How feasible are Elon Musk's plans to settle on Mars?

How Feasible Are Elon Musk's Plans to Settle on Mars?

How feasible are Elon Musk's plans to settle on Mars?


  • To get to the Red Planet is a big dream.
  • The different companies gearing up to get up there are funded in different ways.
  • NASA plans to bring astronauts to Mars itself by the 2030s.
  • It is funded by the US government using federal revenue from income, corporate, and other taxes.
  • SpaceX has a more urgent timeline, and they plan to get millions of people up to the Martian “colonies” by 2024.
  • A contender in the Mars space race is Mars One, a space tech organization that originates in the Netherlands. The company has two direct arms.
  • Combine project is announced by the British-Dutch collaboration which aims to send an unmanned mission to the Red Planet to explore weather patterns and living conditions.
  • With the Mars One project, these companies want to set up a permanent human colony on Mars by 2026.
  • Scientists will send several unmanned spacecraft to Mars starting from 2018 in order to ensure the safety of people moving to the red planet.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 4, 2016


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