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The first part of the joint naval exercise, ‘Varuna’, was conducted from May 1 - 10 off the Goa coast. The first phase of a mega naval exercise off the coast of Goa aimed at developing inter-operability between the two forces in dealing with various security challenges.

The second phase was scheduled for later this month in strategically located Djibouti.

This is image in varuna 2019 : India,France Naval exercise

This is Image in Varuna 2019: India, France Naval Exercise

This is image in varuna 2019: India, France Naval exercise

Bilateral Exercise History

  • The bilateral naval exercise was initiated in 1983 and it was christened as ‘Varuna’ in 2001.

  • This bilateral exercise consists of naval cooperation drills between the French Navy and the Indian Navy forming an integral part of France –India strategic relationship in the 21st century.

  • This joint exercise is either held in the Indian Ocean or Mediterranean Sea.

2019 Exercise Overview

  • Professional interactions and discussions between the both sides were carried along the harbour phase of Goa. The Sea phase comprised various drills across the spectrum of maritime operations.

  • This exercise exemplifies the strong relations between the two nations, in line with the Joint Strategic Vision of India-French Cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region.

  • The Varuna exercise aims at developing interoperability between the two navies and fostering mutual cooperation by learning from each other’s best practices to conduct joint operations.

  • To promote maritime security the exercise underscores the shared interests and commitment among both the nations.

- Published/Last Modified on: July 23, 2019

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