Biocon's new venture: CANMAb


Biocon along with Malyan pharmaceuticals (US-based company) have released a new drug to treat breast cancer named as CANMAb. "CANMAb", will be available in 440 grams and 150 grams and at a 25% lesser price than that of the already available breast cancer drug "Roche Herceptin".

Roche itself charges lesser for the drug in the developing countries as compared to the developed countries of the world.  Currently the price of 440 grams Roche's Herceptin is Rs. 75000/- where as Bicon's aims at charge Rs. 57500/-. 

In India, breast cancer is the next most common malignancy after cervical cancer and each year nearly 1.5 lakhs new cases are diagnosed. 

- Published/Last Modified on: January 20, 2014