Biodiversity Park in Uttarakhand

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On 5th June 2020 World Environment Day, Uttarakhand opened its biggest biodiversity park in Haldwani. Biodiversity Parks are basically natural reserves consisting of varieties of plants and animals. The theme for year 2020 World Environment Day was ‘Celebrate Biodiversity’ .

Biodiversity Park in Uttarakhand


  • The Park consists of thematic gardens, a soil museum, species of plants, lichens, mosses and algae from the Jurassic era.
  • It also has a vermicompost unit, an interpretation centre, a state-of-the-art weather.
  • The Park has 40 unique sections with 479 rare plant species of cactus, medicinal herbs along with different types of trees, etc.
  • The plant species in the biodiversity park is divided:
    • Spiritual & religious
    • Scientific
    • Human health
    • Aesthetic value sections
  • The various species of plants have been brought to park from:
    • Diverse terrains like Niti Mana Valley.
    • Some glaciers around Kedarnath.
  • Niti Mana Valley is near the India Tibetan Border in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.
  • Different kinds of soil found in various topographies of Uttarakhand:
    • Alpine
    • Bhabhar
    • Sub-mountainous
    • Mountainous
    • Tertiary
    • Terai
  • At the interpretation centre inside the park, various environmental concepts and conservation issues including global warming, forest rivers, species, extinction, internal communication of plants are explained.

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