Blue Economy Versus Ocean Economy

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Next Week! ! Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code: Ghogha-Dahej Ro-Ro ferry service allows traveling from Ghogha to Dahej through the sea which in future can also link Hazira, Pipavavo, Jafrabad, Daman and Diu, and even to Bombay.

Blue Economy Versus Ocean Economy (Current Affairs/GS 2017 - 18) - WW. 50 (in English)
  • Plans for similar service in the bay of Kutch
  • Focus on small growth centers like Dahej and Hazira for providing momentum to industrial development.
  • Establishment of petroleum, chemicals, & petrochemicals investment regions.

Water Transport in India

  • Roads - 55 % load; railways - 35 % and waterways- the cheapest mode- 5 or 6 % load.
  • Share of waterways and coastal transport nearly 30 % in the third world countries.
  • Logistics accounts for 18 % of economy- thus the cost of moving goods from one part to the other part is costlier in India.
  • India has 7,500 kilometers long coastline and 14,500 kilometers long internal waterways.

Cost of Various Means of Transportation

  • Waterways costs around 20 paisa per ton per kilometer.
  • Railways costs β‚Ή 1.25 per ton per kilometer
  • Roads is even more expensive, however, 90 % coal is being transported through the railways.

Modernization of Ports- Coastal Areas as Hub for Industry

  • Whatever is required inside the country, the industry for those things should be set up inside the country
  • For export-oriented industries, they should be set up in coastal areas for more profits.
  • Modern ports establish strong relations with other countries through the oceans.
  • Ports are like lungs of our economy.
  • Sagaramala project has potential for creation of one crore jobs
Sagar Mala Project - Closer to Success of Blue Revolution with Key MAP Locations

πŸ“ Ocean Economy

Ocean Economy

What We Give? ?

  • 8 million tons of plastic
  • Overfishing
  • Pollutants and toxic wastes
  • Extract 30 % oil and gas form ocean bed
  • Impacting corals and causing bleaching
  • By 2050 there could be more plastic - by weight - in the ocean than fish
  • Bottom trawling harms the seabed and is an indiscriminate killer of sea creatures
  • Biological desert - is area without life (common in very deep ocean waters)

What is Blue Economy?

β€œIt is more lucrative to protect the oceans than to destroy them,” says Cyrill Gutsch, a New York-based entrepreneur and founder of Parley for the Oceans. β€œAs this becomes increasingly evident, more companies will look for authentic avenues into the blue economy.”

5 Blue Growth Sectors
  • Growth + Environment at same time
  • Promote business models and innovations
Sector of the Blue Economy
  • Sagarmala project has one more aspect and it is the blue economy- different from previous term ocean economy.
  • Blue economy means the combination of economy and ecology
  • Blue economy also nurtures the ecosystem of seas along with economic activities.
  • Industrial revolution of 18th and 19th centuries took place on the land but economic revolution of the 21st century will take place through the seas through the blue economy.
  • Blue economy not only ensures food security, but also supplements the income with other means like production of sea beads.
  • Blue economy also provides impetus in field of energy, mining, and tourism.

πŸ“ Efforts (Case Studies)

  • Parley paired up with sportswear manufacturer Adidas to release a limited-edition running shoe with uppers made from recycled plastic recovered from the sea
  • In 2014, organization partnered with Bionic Yarn and G-star RAW to create the first denim made from upcycled marine plastic waste.
  • New Zealand-based organization called Precision Seafood Harvesting has developed a new technology to replace trawl nets that increases the probability of survival for bycatch, fish that is thrown back into the sea, by up to 70 % .
  • European cleantech company Floating Power Plant (FPP) - floating platform design combines wind power, of about 6MW and wave power, of some 3MW. It represents first successful deployment of offshore hybrid technology to have provided power to the grid via cables buried under sea floor.
Efforts of Blue Economy
  • Atlantic Action Plan - to revitalize the marine and maritime economy in the Atlantic Ocean - ocean environment stability
  • Traditional activities (fisheries, aquaculture, tourism or shipping) + emerging activities (offshore renewables, gene sequencing or marine biotechnology - new pharmaceutical products from marine sponges to treat cancer)
Atlantic Action Plan

Not to be Confused with BLUE REVOLUTION!

πŸ‘Œ Blue Revolution (Neel Kranti Mission) - achieve economic prosperity for fishers and fish farmers & towards food and nutritional security by full potential utilization of water resources for fisheries development in a sustainable manner

Focus Areas in News (Week 50 - 2017) !

  • πŸ“ National Nutrition Mission - reduce the level of stunting, under-nutrition, anemia and low birth rate
  • πŸ‘Œ πŸ“Ή Wassenaar Arrangement - 3 others (NSG, MTCR & AG)
  • US considers Jerusalem as capital of Israel (International Relations)
  • National Commission for Minorities - Committee to check status of Hindus
  • Geminids meteor
  • Infective Trachoma eliminated - India (Elimination versus Eradication πŸ“) was who՚s 2020 goal (Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria causes roughening of inner eyelids, pain and eventual blindness due to the breakdown of outer surface or cornea of the eye)
  • πŸ‘Œ Legatum Prosperity Index

Forthcoming Lectures

  • International Court of Justice
  • Urban Waste Management
  • NDMA Guidelines
  • Bharatmala Pariyojana
Blue Economy Versus Ocean Economy (Current Affairs/GS 2017 - 18) - WW. 50 (in Hindi)

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