Boron Carbide Ceramic Bullet Proof Jackets for Army under ‘Make in India’

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Major Contract for procurement of 1.86 lakh bulletproof jacket has been signed after successful conduct of field evaluation trials. Jackets have state-of-the-art specifications w/added protection level.

Bullet Proof Jackets for Army
  • Contract was bagged by defence manufacturer SMPP Pvt. Ltd, small Delhi- based company. It has Research & Development Centre in Okhla Industrial Area.

Advantages of New Jackets

  • Bulletproof jackets will have ‘boron carbide ceramic’ , lightest material for ballistic protection.
  • This makes SMPP best of class & will able to provide ballistic protection at lowest possible weight.
  • BJPs modular parts have providing immense protection & flexibility to soldiers operating in diff. operational situations ranging from long distance patrolling to high risk room intervention scenarios.
  • New BJPs will provide 360 degree protection to soldier in combat, including from latest hard steel core bullets.

Details of Make in India Procurement for BJ

  • Case was processed under ‘Buy Indian’ category of defence procurement procedure.
  • Provision of new BJPs was done by Indian manufacturers who were successful in trials. This has given impetus to ‘Make India’ initiative of govt.
  • New BJPs provides confidence, Indian Industry is capable of fulfilling requirements of Indian Army for its personal protective equipment.

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