Brickwork Report: Maharashtra is biggest state economy (Download PDF)

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Maharashtra is the biggest economy among the states in India, according to the most recent report published by credit rating agency Brickwork Ratings. On the basis of gross state domestic product (GSDP) Maharashtra accounts 16.87 lakh crore rupees in survey and with this it becomes biggest state economy.

Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh are at second and third position successively.

Important highlights of Report

  • In the financial year 2014 - 15 noted growth 11.69 % has achieved by Maharashtra GSDP.
  • 70 % of its total receipts has earns by Maharashtra though tax revenues highest among all the bigger states of India and Gujarat and Tamil Nadu has earn second and third place respectively.

Manufacturing sector are ranked below:

In Financial Year 2014 - 15,

  • Gujarat 27.26 %
  • Maharashtra 25.18 %
  • Tamil Nadu 19.1%
  • Jharkhand 18.8%
  • Haryana 18.1%

Above all are states with higher manufacturing sector shares.

Services sector:

  • According to Services sector Karnataka has got leads by giving huge attribution to the growth in the IT/BPO/KPO sector the growth of services sector in India.
  • Tamil Nadu has ranked second, Maharashtra third and Andhra Pradesh fourth on basis of Service sector.

Fastest-growing states are:

  • Bihar (17.06%)
  • Madhya Pradesh (16.86%)
  • Goa (16.43%)

Slowest-growing states are:

  • Telangana (5.3%)
  • Punjab (10.16%)
  • Rajasthan (11%)

Brickwork Ratings report is create report by doing research and analysis in multi-state on the finances of all the states.

  • It represents willingness and ability of state government to grow state on different parameters like political, economic, financial, budgetary and institutional.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 2, 2015

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