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With the successful completion of naval exercise IMDEX-19, the Kolkata Class Destroyers Indian Naval Ships namely INS Kolkata and INS Shakti participated in SIMBEX -2019. SIMBEX- 2019: India-singapore bilateral Maritime exercise.

This image in SIMBEX- 2019 :India-SBME

This Image in SIMBEX- 2019: India-SBME

This image in SIMBEX- 2019: India-SBME

Exercise Overview & Objectives

  • SIMBEX was first initiated in 1993. Then it has become an annual affair. Over the years it has grown in operational and tactical complexity as well as from traditional anti-submarine exercises to more complex maritime exercises.

  • It undertakes anti air anti surface practice firings, air defence operations, advanced tactical exercises etc.

  • It has stood test of time in demonstrating commitment between India and Singapore in enhancing maritime cooperation between their navies and bolstering bonds of friendship between the two countries.

  • Objective: To extend bridges of friendship through maritime, economic, and cultural interactions with countries of east and south-east Asia (SEA). To enhance interoperability, strengthen mutual trust, and build greater synergy to address common maritime concerns among both navies.

  • The Two Phases of Exercise Includes:

  • Harbour Phase– will be conducted from 16 to 18 May. It included various planning conferences, deck reception, courtesy calls to dignitaries of RS Navy, simulator based warfare training (war-gaming) and sporting events all onboard INS Kolkata.

  • Sea Phase-is scheduled from 19 to 22 may 19. It will be conducted in the South China Sea (SCS). It will include various maritime combat exercises like advanced aerial tracking, firing on aerial or surface targets, tactical exercises on surface or air scenarios and coordinated targeting exercises.

  • Along with INS Shakti and INS Kolkata, Poseidon-8I (P8I) (Indian long range maritime patrol aircraft) will participate. Royal Singapore Navy (RSN) Ships RSN Steadfast and RSN Valiant, Fokker-50 (F-50) (maritime patrol aircraft) and F-16 fighter aircraft will participate.


  • SIMBEX-19 concluded two month long deployment of INS Kolkata and INS Shakti in South and East China Seas where they recently participated in International Fleet Review (IFR) at Qingdao China (as part of PLA (Navy) 70th anniversary celebrations) and in ADMM-plus MS FTX (The ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting – Plus Maritime Security Field Training Exercise).

- Published/Last Modified on: July 30, 2019

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