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Archaeologist Dr. Budha Rashmi Mani was appointed as Director General (DG) of National Museum for the period of 3 years or till attainment of age 70. The appointment was approved by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) presided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Image of Archaeologist Dr. Budha Rashmi Mani

Image of Archaeologist Dr. Budha Rashmi Mani

Showing image of Archaeologist Dr. Budha Rashmi Mani

About Budha Rashmi Mani

  • In 2015, Budha Rashmi Mani is retired as Additional Director General (ADG) of the ASI.
  • Budha Rashmi Mani is BHU (Banaras Hindu University) graduate and holds PhD on the Kushanas.
  • In his 30 archaeological career, he led excavations in:

    • Haryana
    • Delhi
    • Uttar Pradesh
    • Jammu and Kashmir
  • In Ayodhya, he had led the excavation team in the disputed Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid site in 2003.
  • Budha Rashmi Mani is also serving as the General Secretary of the Indian Archaeological Society (IAS).
  • He manages the journal Puratattva of IAS.

About National Museum

  • National Museum is also known as the National Museum of India.
  • National Museum is one of the largest museums in India.
  • It works under the Union Ministry of Culture.
  • This museum was established in 1949 and is located at Janpath and Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi.
  • It grips variety of articles ranging from pre-historic period to modern works of art.
  • The museum has around 200,000 works of art, both of Indian and foreign basis and it’s covering over 5,000 years.
  • There are various departments in the National Museum like:

Departments in the National Museum

Departments in the National Museum


Arms & Armour



Decorative Arts



Central Asian Antiquities

Public Relations

Numismatics & Epigraphy

Pre-Columbian Art





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