CCEA Gives Nod to Development of AUsC Technology for Thermal Power Plants (Download PDF)

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CCEA given approval for the development of AUSC technology for the thermal power plants. For the research and development project 900 crore rupees grant spread over three years for the development of AUSC technology for thermal power plants was approved by CCEA.

CCEA: Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs

AUSC: Advanced Ultra Super Critical

  • This project was proposed by a association of three government entities:
Three Government Entities Associated with AUsC Project
  • This project reduce the coal consumption as well as Carbon di-oxide (CO2) emission.


  • Advanced Ultra Super Critical will be the first large power plant equipment.
  • It will be manufactured without any technological cooperation or licensing agreement with foreign companies.
  • This technology will permit Indian industries to manufacture, design and commission higher efficiency coal-fired power plants with foreign developed technology.
  • it՚s used in all future large coal-fired power plants.
  • For the country it will ensure energy security for a longer period and also helpful to greener environment.
  • Coal-fired power plants for the power generation contributes about 38 % of CO2 pollution in the atmosphere.
  • AUSC doing research on how to reduce this pollution.
  • They will help in 20 % reduction of CO2 pollution at source combined with 20 % saving in coal consumption compared to sub-critical plants.

Map of Thermal Power Plants in India:

Map of Thermal Power Plants in India

- Published/Last Modified on: August 12, 2016


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