CIMAP Researchers Research That Mint Plant Can Help to Fight Cancer


About the research of CIMAP Researcher: Scientists CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP​) at Lucknow have found that mint plant has medicinal values that can cure cancer. They have recognized that a medicinal compound called ‘L-Menthol’ derived from Mentha plant popularly known as mint. ​ ​

  • L-Menthol compound can kill the colon cancer cell line without disturbing the normal cell line.
  • The compound prevents the division of cancer cell and prevents its growth and spread to other organs of the body.
  • Its production is cost-effective, non-destructive and easily available in comparison to anti-cancer compound used at present got from the bay of European Yew tree.
  • The Mentha is available in plenty across the world compared to the European Yew tree which is found only in Europe and some parts of Africa and Asia. ​
  • ​Menthol can be derived easily without damaging the plant, whereas the European Yew tree has to be cut down for using bark for deriving anti-cancer compound.
  • The discovery can be very useful for farmers in India where Mentha is grown in large amount.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 28, 2016