CSIR-CFTRI’S Protein Enriched Biscuits for COVID-19 Patients (Download PDF)

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  • High protein biscuits are being supplied by CSIR- Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) institute to the COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science), New Delhi.

  • The institute is supplying the biscuits on the request from AIIMS.

  • 500 kg of high-protein biscuits along with 500 kg of high-protein rusks have been supplied by CFTRI to the Dietetics department of AIIMS.


  • The protein content of these biscuits is 14%, whereas usual biscuits have 8 - 9 % protein content.

  • The biscuits will fulfill the protein requirement of recuperating patients.

  • The recipe formulation of the biscuits is done by CSIR-CFTRI and manufacturing is according to FSSAI norms.

  • The ingredients which are used for making biscuits are

    • Whole wheat flour (Atta)

    • Wheat flour (Maida)

    • Sugar

    • Hydrogenated Fat

    • Soya Flour

    • Whey protein

    • Soy protein

    • Milk solids

    • Glucose

    • INS500II and INS503II agents

    • Salt

    • Flavors

  • A 100 gm. pack provides 400 kcal of energy.

  • The nutritional value of the biscuits is as follows-

    • Carbohydrate – 63.2 gm.

    • Protein – 14 gm.

    • Fat – 17.1 gm.

  • The manufacturing of biscuits is being carried out in Seven Seas Private Limited, Noida, and Uttar Pradesh.


  • CSIR-CFTRI was established in 1950 and is located in Mysore, Karnataka.

  • It has 16 R & D departments focused on research in-

    • Food engineering

    • Food biotechnology

    • Microbiology

    • Grain sciences

    • Sensory science

    • Biochemistry

    • Molecular Nutrition

    • Food safety

- Published/Last Modified on: July 23, 2020


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