CSIR Develops Affordable Water Disinfection System “OneerTM” (Importamt)

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CSIR has developed affordable Water Disinfection System “OneerTM” . Device will go long way in meeting requirements of potable water in rural & urban areas. Smaller unit of Oneer is particularly suitable for homes, street food vendors, & small establishments.


About “OneerTM”

  • It is useful for continuous treatment of water & eliminates all disease causing pathogens such as virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa & cyst to provide safe drinking water to domestic & communities settings as per National & International standards prescribed for potable water (BIS, WHO etc.) .
  • Technology will be helpful especially for rural people since it can be solar powered & this development is in line w/ ‘Make in India’ Mission.
Disease Caused by Drinking Polluted Water

Significance of OneerTM

  • According to WHO, “access to safe drinking-water is essential to health, basic human right & component of effective policy for health protection” .
  • Large proportion of India՚s rural community is consuming water that does not meet WHO drinking water quality standards.
  • Infection thru drinking water results in increase in morbidity & mortality particularly amongst children.
  • Oneer developed by CSIR-IITR, will provide access to safe & clean drinking water at cost of just 2 Paise/Ltr.
  • Community level model is of 450 LPH capacity which can be scaled up to 5000 to 1 lakh L/day; & is maintenance & membrane free.
  • Technology will be helpful especially for rural people since it can be solar powered.
  • One of components of programme is to enhance quality of life of ordinary people & remove drudgery.

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

  • Established - 1942
  • Founder - Arcot Ramaswamy Mudaliar Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar
  • Headquarter - New Delhi
  • Vision - Pursue science which strives for global impact, technology that enables innovation, driven industry & nurture trans-disciplinary leadership thereby catalysing inclusive economic development for people of India.
  • Mission - to build new CSIR for new India

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