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Following is a summary of the various MoUs signed between India and other countries. They were approved by cabinet. MoU between India and France on Technical Cooperation in the Field of Railways.

Cabinet Approves MoU with Diff. Countries in Diff. Fields

Cabinet Approves MoU with Diff. Countries in Diff. Fields

Image of Cabinet Approves MoU with Diff. Countries in Diff. Fields

Union Cabinet is apprised of MoU b/w Indian Railways & SNCF Mobilites (company owned by French State) on Technical Cooperation in field of Railways.

  • This MoU was signed on 10th March, 2018.

  • Activities to be carried out under this MoU:

    • Exchange of technical experts,

    • Training & seminars/workshops focusing on specific technology areas,

    • Reports & technical documents & other interactions for knowledge sharing.

  • Identified areas of cooperation under this MoU are High speed & semi-high speed rail, Station renovation & operations, Modernisation of current operations & infrastructure & suburban trains.

Facts on France:

  1. Capital – Paris
  2. Currency – Euro
  3. Current President – Emmanuel Macron

  • MoU between India and Morocco in the Legal Field
  • MoU will enable India & Morocco to share their experience & expertise in field of law & legislation.
  • Under this MoU, Lawyers, Law Officers & law students in India & Morocco will get opportunity to discuss issues in field of law & justice thru seminars, symposiums & workshops.
  • MoU between India and Morocco in Mining and Geology
  • Union Cabinet has given its ex post facto approval to signing of MoU b/w India & Morocco in field of mining & geology.
  • Agreement was signed on 11th April, 2018, in New Delhi b/w Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Mines & Sustainable development & Ministry of Mines, GoI.
  • MoU envisages India-Morocco cooperation in development of geological infrastructure, training programs, establishment of geological data bank & promotion of mining & geology.
  • MoU will be mutually beneficial for both countries in economic, social & environmental fields.

Facts on Morocco

  • Capital – Rabat

  • Currency – Morrocan dirham

  • Current Prime Minister – Saadeddine Othmani

MoU between India and Swaziland in the Field of Health and Medicine

Union Cabinet has given approval for MoU b/w India & Swaziland on cooperation in field of Health & Medicine.

  • This MoU was signed on 9th April, 2018.

  • Areas of cooperation covered under this MOU:

    • Drugs & Pharmaceutical products,

    • Medical Consumable products,

    • Medical Research,

    • Medical Equipment,

    • Public Health,

    • Communicable Disease Control & Surveillance

    • Health Tourism.

  • Working group will be constituted to oversee activities carried out under scope of MoU.

Facts of Swaziland:

  • Capital – Mbabane

  • Currency – South African rand and Swazi lilangeni

MoU between India and Suriname in the Field of Electoral Management and Administration

MoU envisages exchange of knowledge & experience in field of organizational & technical development of electoral process; institutional strengthening & capacity building, support in exchanging information, training of personnel & holding regular consultations etc.

MoU is expected to promote bilateral cooperation b/w both countries aimed at building technical assistance/capacity support for Suriname.

Facts of Suriname:

  • Capital – Paramaribo

  • Currency – Surinamese dollar

  • Current President – Desi Bouterse

MoU between India and Equatorial Guinea for Traditional Systems of Medicine

Union Cabinet has given approval to MoU b/w India & Equatorial Guinea for Cooperation in field of Traditional Systems of Medicine.

  • This MoU was signed on 8th April, 2018.

  • It is aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation b/w India & Equatorial Guinea in areas of Traditional Systems of Medicine.

  • Financial resources necessary to conduct research, training courses, conferences/meetings & deputations of experts under scope of this MoU will be met from existing allocated budget & existing plan schemes of Ministry of AYUSH.

  • India has signed similar MoUs w/other countries viz. Malaysia, Trinidad & Tobago, Hungry, Bangladesh, Nepal.

Facts of Equatorial Guinea:

  • Capital – Malabo

  • Currency – Central African Franc

  • Current President – Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

Cabinet Approves National Policy on Biofuels – 2018

Union Cabinet, has approved National Policy on Biofuels – 2018.

Details of Policy

  • It categorizes biofuels called Basic Biofuels into 3 categories

  • 1st Generation (1G) bioethanol & biodiesel,

  • “Advanced Biofuels” – 2nd Generation (2G) ethanol, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to drop-in fuels

  • 3rd Generation (3G) biofuels, bio-CNG among others to enable extension of appropriate financial & fiscal incentives under each category.

  • Inorder to increase farmers income use of surplus food grains for production of ethanol for blending w/petrol w/approval of National Biofuel Coordination Committee.

  • It provides funding scheme of 2G ethanol Bio refineries amount of Rs. 5, 000 cr. in 6 years in addition to additional tax incentives, higher purchase price as compared to 1G biofuels.


  • Increased farmer’s income.

  • Better Solid Waste Management.

  • Cleaner Environment.

  • Increasing health benefits.

  • Union Cabinet has approved establishment of National Institute of Mental Health Rehabilitation (NIMHR) at Bhopal, MP.

  • It will be society under Societies Registration Act, 1860 under Department of Empowerment of Persons w/Disabilities.

  • Cost of project is Rs. 179.54 cr for first 3 years which includes non-recurring expenditure of Rs. 128.54 cr. & recurring expenditure of Rs. 51 cr.

  • NIMHR will be 1st of its kind in country in area of mental health rehabilitation. Main objectives of NIMHR are to provide rehabilitation services to persons w/mental illness, capacity development in area of mental health rehabilitation, policy framing & advanced research in mental health rehabilitation.

  • Institute will have 9 Departments/Centres & will conduct 12 courses to offer diploma, certificate, graduate, post graduate, M. Phil degrees in area of mental health rehabilitation. Within span of 5 years, student intake of institute in various courses is expected to be over 400.

  • Apart from these Union Cabinet has approved proposal to create 3 Joint Secretary level posts, which include 1 post of Director of Institute & 2 posts of Professors.

Establishment of National Institute of Mental Health Rehabilitation at BhopalStrengthening the Mechanism for Resolution of Commercial Disputes of Central Public Sector Enterprises

Union Cabinet has approved strengthening of mechanism for resolution of commercial disputes of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) & b/w CPSEs & diff. Govt. organizations & institutions.

More About Upcoming Mechanism:

  • New 2-tier mechanism will replace existing Permanent Machinery of Arbitration (PMA) mechanism to resolve commercial disputes (excluding disputes concerning Railways, Income Tax, Custom & Excise Departments) b/w CPSEs themselves & CPSEs & Government Departments/Organizations, outside Courts of law.

  • At 1st level (tier), such commercial disputes will be referred to Committee comprising of Secretaries of administrative Ministries/Departments of concerned CPSEs. & at 2ndlevel (tier 2) if dispute remains unresolved, even after consideration by above Committee, same will be referred to Cabinet Secretary, whose decision will be final & binding on all concerned.

  • For prompt disposal of disputes, time period of 3 months at 1st level is prescribed.

India & Equatorial Guinea MoU in Field of Medicinal Plants

Union Cabinet has approved MoU b/w India & Equatorial Guinea.

India & Equatorial Guinea, MoU was signed on 8th April 2018, during India’s President Ram Nath Kovind visit to Equatorial Guinea.

MoU was signed on cooperation in field of Medicinal Plants, Apart from this, 3 more MoUs were signed in field of Agriculture, Mining & Telecommunication.


  • India is one of richest countries in world in terms of biodiversity, having 15 agro – climatic zones.
  • Out of 17000 – 18000 species of flowering plants, more than 7000 are estimated to have medicinal usage in folk & documented systems of medicine like Ayurveda, Unani, Sidhha, & Homeopathy (AYUSH System of Medicine)

Facts of Equatorial Guinea

  • Capital – Malabo

  • Currency – Central African Franc

  • Current President – Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

- Published/Last Modified on: July 17, 2018

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