Canada՚s Economy Falls into a Downturn

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About Canada՚s Economy: Canada is the world՚s 11th biggest economy. The gross domestic product (GDP) of Canada is about 1432,140 Billion US dollars, so the state in GDP rank is 14th worldwide.

  • In purchasing power capacity, Canada is up to 1265.838 billion dollars in 13th place worldwide.
  • Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has retreated at an annual jump of 0.5 percent from April to June 2015.
  • It is the world՚s largest producer of Zinc, Cadmium, Nickel, Potassium, Uranium and Sulphur.
  • About 80 % of these sources are exported to United States from Canada.

About its downturn:

  • After the financial crisis of 2009 for the first time Canada has fallen into downturn.
  • In earlier 3 months of 2015, there was economic slowdown of 0.8 percent from the regular GDP.
  • Recent downturn is due to the external falling of oil prices and economic troubles in China.

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