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China launched a satellite to monitor its greenhouse gas emissions. The latest steps in efforts to cut its carbon footprint. It is China’s first carbon tracking satellite. The satellite was launched via a Long March-2D rocket from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre.

China to launch carbon-tracking satellite

China to Launch Carbon-Tracking Satellite

China to launch carbon-tracking satellite

About Satellite TanSat

  • It is having The 620 kg (1,370 lbs).
  • It was sent into a sun synchronous orbit about 700 km (435 miles) above the earth.
  • Chief designer of TanSat is Yin Zengshan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences micro-satellite research institute.
  • China is the third country to monitor greenhouse gases with its own satellite.
  • Including TanSat china launches total of 21 orbits in space in 2016.
TanSat payload diagram

TanSat Payload Diagram

TanSat payload diagram

Features of Satellite TanSat

  • TanSat carries a high-resolution micro-nano satellite.
  • It also carries two spectrum micro-nano satellites for agricultural and forestry monitoring.
  • It will monitor the concentration, distribution and flow of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • The satellite will provide independent data for three years.
  • It will take readings of global carbon dioxide every 16 days, accurate to at least 4 parts per million.
Features of satellite TanSat

Features of Satellite TanSat

Features of satellite TanSat

- Published/Last Modified on: December 22, 2016


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