Chemical Weapons Convention Act of 2000 and Provisions of the Act (Download PDF)

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To eliminate an entire category of weapons of mass destruction. Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling. Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction.

Provisions of the Act

  • Defines chemical weapons as toxic chemicals.
  • Empowers the Centre to set up a National Authority.
  • Includes munitions and devices.

Power of Inspection (Section 19)

  • Gives full power of inspection of any person who is engaged in the production, processing, acquisition, consumption, transfer, import, export.
  • Use of any toxic chemical or discrete organic chemical.

Enforcement Officers (Section 9)

  • Gives the Centre power to appoint any of its own officers.
  • Excluding the National Authority, as enforcement officers.

Restriction on Transfer of Any Toxic Chemical (Section 16)

  • Contains provisions for restriction on transfer of any toxic chemical or precursor.
  • No person shall transfer to, or receive from, a state which is not a party to the Convention any toxic chemicals.

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