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China launched the first of a new generation geosynchronous meteorological satellite. Launch of Fengyun-4A satellite. Long March 3B launches Fengyun-4A meteorological spacecraft.

Launch of new generation meteorological satellite “Fengyun-4”

Launch of New Generation Meteorological Satellite “Fengyun-4”

Launch of new generation meteorological satellite “Fengyun-4”


  • Fengyun (Wind and Cloud) series is China’s second-generation geostationary meteorological satellites.
  • The performance of Feng Yun-4 has been improved in relation to FY-2 in terms of data amount.
  • Improvements in data amount, network transmission bandwidth, product type and quantity and archiving data and applications.
  • Designed with an enhanced imagery scanning capability, desirable for monitoring small and medium scale weather systems.
  • It is equipped with vertical atmospheric sounding and microwave detection capabilities.
  • The satellite also carries instrumentation for solar observations for extreme ultraviolet and X-rays.
  • Satellite will carry onboard a 10-channel 2D scanning imager, an interferometric vertical detector, a lightning imager, CCD camera and an earth radiation budget instrument.
Weather satellite Fengyun-4

Weather Satellite Fengyun-4

Weather satellite Fengyun-4

The Main Instruments on Fengyun-4A Are

  • the Advanced Geosynchronous Radiation Imager (AGRI),
  • 14 channels with a spectral range set between 0.55μm and 13.8μm
  • Interferometric Infrared Sounder (GIIRS)
  • Lightning Mapping Imager (LMI)
  • Space Environment Package (SEP)
  • Solar X-EUV imaging telescope (SXEUV)
  • Data Collection Service (DCS)
The main instruments on Fengyun-4A are

The Main Instruments on Fengyun-4A Are

The main instruments on Fengyun-4A are

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