China, Pakistan Signs Agreement to Launch Satellite to Monitor CPEC Projects (Download PDF)


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China and Pakistan have signed an agreement for the launch of a special satellite to monitor the development of the multi-billion dollars China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects.

About CPEC projects:

  • CPEC stands for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
  • It refers to seize of major infrastructure projects currently under way in Pakistan.
  • The corridor is mainly consists of road, rail and power projects.
  • It is planned to link Kashgar in Xinjiang region of China to Gwadar deep sea port which is close to Pakistan’s border with Iran.

China’s Gain by this project:

  • The CPEC is part of China’s regional international ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) enterprise that connects large patch of Asia and Eastern Europe.
  • Gwadar sea Port is tactically located and lies close to the Strait of Hormuz near Iran which is a key international oil shipping lane.
  • It could open an energy and vocational corridor from the Gulf region across Pakistan to western China and could be also used by the Chinese Navy for military persistence.
  • The project will give China land access to the Indian Ocean, cutting the nearly 13, 000 km sea passage through the Strait of Malacca which is a major chokepoint and around India to 2, 000 km road journey from Gwadar to Kashgar.
  • The development of Kashgar as a trade terminus will reduce separation of the underdeveloped Xinjiang province and extend its commitment with the rest of China.
  • Land locked energy rich Central Asian countries are intense to join their infrastructure networks to the CPEC.

Pakistan’s Gain by the project:

  • The project pursues to renovate and expand infrastructure across the length and breadth of Pakistan and expand economic ties between both countries.
  • The CPEC theoretically can be a game changer for Pakistan as it has potential to boost economic scenario at a time when terrorism has severely affected it.
  • Pakistan also expects the CPEC will bind it closer with close friend China, giving it greater strategic leverage with both United States and India in the Indian Ocean region.

About launching of satellite:

  • To monitor CPEC project, both countries China and Pakistan have decided for development and launch of the Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS-1) System in June 2018.
  • This agreement will also provide space technology to Pakistan as the PRSS-1 is considered as yet another leading project between China-Pakistan after CPEC.
  • It would also help Pakistan in its national security purposes by strengthening investigation tool and border security.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 25, 2016


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