China develops world’s first ATM with Facial Recognition Technology (Download PDF)

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Republic of China has successfully developed the first automated teller machine (ATM) with facial recognition technology. Facial recognition technology based ATM was developed by researchers from Tsinghua University and technology firm Tzekwan.

  1. This ATM of machine has unique security feature which does not allow users to withdraw cash unless their face matches their facial ID.
  2. Camera has installed in the machine and this camera captures the facial features of the user and then compares it with photos stored in a database for authentication.
  3. This facility will be prevented ATM-related crimes. The machine combines high-speed banknote handling, improved counterfeit-bill recognition and facial recognition.
  4. It is based on Software which looks at biological features (biometric) of person and has potential to identify people even if their facial features have changed.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 3, 2015

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