Chinese Researchers invented World’s first brain driven Car


About brain-driven Car Chinese researchers has invented world’s first brain driven car in history. After two years long research scientists of Tianjin, China has designed this care which can drive solely by the brain power.

  • As if now with the help of brain power the car can move forward and backward direction only, as well as locking, halting and unlocking.
  • To control car the driver have to wear brain reading helmet which id of 16 EEG (electroencephalogram) sensors and using this computer which are connected with car as well as helmet car cane follow the order given by mind.
  • Additionally to capture these signals Nankai University’s researchers have developed software called ground zero.
  • This software has ability to sense driver’s intention whether they want to go forward or backward.
  • EEG signals are kept by the helmet and it would be transmitted to computer wirelessly and then computer process that signal and identifies what driver wants to do and then forward it to the control command of car.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 9, 2015