Cities Awarded for Best Urban Transport Practices (Download PDF)

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The Awards for the ‘Best Urban Transport Practices’ were given by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for winning cities. Mysuru, Kochi, Surat, Chittor, and Hyderabad were main winners. MP, Bhopal, Lucknow, Noida, Pune, and Thiruvananthapuram were other Award Winners.

Image of Awards for the ‘Best Urban Transport Practices’

Image of Awards for the ‘Best Urban Transport Practices’

Image of Awards for the ‘Best Urban Transport Practices’

Surat Municipal Corporation Got Best City Bus Services Award

Successfully attracted 87 % of the private vehicle and auto rickshaw users to use city buses.

  • Surat city with a population of about 45 lakhs is heavily dependent on three wheelers and private vehicles before 2014 when Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS) and city buses were made operational.

  • Now 275 city buses are operational in the city on 28 routes with 95 % of arrivals and departures on time.

  • System uses single ticketing system, integration of city buses with feeder systems, Intelligent Transit Management.

Mysuru Got Best Non-Motorized Transport Award for Its Public Bicycle Sharing

Public Bicycle Sharing has resulted in improved last mile connectivity and converted short distance vehicular trips to eco-friendly cycle trips.

  • The tourism city of Mysuru launched its Public Bicycle Sharing in June 2017 with 425 bicycles and 45 docking stations.

  • More than 6,400 members have been registered till last month.

  • Fares are as low as Rs. 5.00 for up to two hours of use.

Kochi Wins Best Urban Transport Initiative Award for Fastest Completion of Its Integrated Metro Rail

Fastest constructed Metro Rail Project of Kochi was chosen as the ‘Best City in Urban Transport Initiative’ for innovative features like:

  • Implementation in integration with Water Transport.

  • Kochi Metro also introduced ‘Rupay’ based transit card.

Hyderabad Commended for Traffic Management

  • H-TRIMS of Hyderabad is Integrated Traffic Management initiative got ‘Commendable Initiative Award’ under ‘Best Intelligent Transport Project’ category.

  • Hyderabad has about 39 lakh registered vehicles on its roads with 600 more added every day and vehicle density of 723/km, the second highest in the country

  • H-TRIMS introduced in 2012 provides round the clock, no break signaling at 221 junctions, which are remotely controlled.

  • Enables automatic adjustment of signal timings based on traffic flows, pedestrian controlled signals and SMS based alerts to the citizens.

  • Initiative reduced waiting time at traffic junctions by over 33%.

  • Pune won the Best Performer Award in this category.

Chittor Won Commendable Initiative Award for Road Safety

  • Chittor chosen for the ‘Commendable Initiative Award’ for the city police’s initiative for improving road safety, reducing the accidents and fatalities.

  • Education, Engineering, and Enforcement initiative engaged students for creating awareness on road accidents and measures.

  • 1.76 lakh drivers and riders were administered oath

  • Speed breakers and rumble strips were erected to regulate speeds

  • 259 roadside villages were sensitized to traffic rules.

  • ‘No helmet-no petrol’ policy was introduced for two wheelers.

Other Awards

  • Madhya Pradesh: Urban Mass Transit Initiative for implementing Cluster Based Bus Transit System

  • Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala won “Best Performer Award in Commendable Initiative category.

  • Bhopal: Initiative for introducing Public Bicycle Sharing

  • Noida and Greater Noida: City Bus Service Project initiative

  • Andaman: Initiative for introducing Special Bus Services for women

  • Lucknow Metro Rail Project: Urban Mass Transit Initiative

- Published/Last Modified on: December 3, 2017


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