Coal Gasification (DTE 16 - 31 August 2020)

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Coal Gasification

Coal is blown with oxygen and steam at elevated temperature to produce syngas -


  • The gas is used in industries like fertilizer plants, for urea manufacturing, in methanol plants and in the power sector. To produce urea, natural gas is consumed as a feedstock in fertilizer plants in its steam reforming process to produce ammonia as an intermediate product, which further reacts with carbon dioxide.
  • The fertilizer industry is currently the biggest consumer of natural gas in India, using 42 to 44 million metric standard cubic metre per day, which is about 30 % of the total daily natural gas consumption in the country.
  • Through the current auction, the government is providing incentives to bidders that will use at least 10 % of its annual coal production in producing gas from coal, which can displace the use of costly imported gas.
  • Coal gasification is not a clean process and is highly carbon intensive. It produces more than a normal coal-based plant and is a water-intensive process.

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