Coal Import Monitoring System (Download PDF)

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  • With a view to encourage domestic coal production and making the recently auctioned commercial coal mining viable the govt. of India has decided to launch a coal import monitoring system.
  • The system has been planned to launch from first of February under which it will become mandatory for importers to disclose future shipments.
Coal Import Monitoring System 2020 - 2021

CIMs Overview

  • The commerce and industry ministry.
  • Ahead of deliveries, permission would be required by importers of coking coal, steam coal and bituminous coal.
  • Importers must submit advance information in an online system for import of item.
  • An automatic registration number must be obtained
  • Steel products being dumped in India will also be monitored.
  • This system will help in keeping record of imported volumes of coal along with details of specific grades.
  • Imports related information would further help the government to fine-tune its policies to discourage coal imports.
  • State-controlled coal producers, including Coal India (CIL) may be enabled to reach out to the importer for the requirements that match domestic sources.

Dumping Duty on Steel

  • Recommendation by the Commerce ministry.
  • Importers to submit advance information in an online system for imports of items.
  • An importer can apply for registration not earlier than 60 days and not later than the 15th day. This is to be done before the expected date of arrival of import consignment. Validity of the registration number is 75 days.
  • To obtain an automatic registration number by paying a registration fee of Re 1 per thousand.
  • This is being subjected to a minimum of ₹ 500 and maximum of ₹ 1 lakh, on the CIF (cost, insurance, freight) value.
  • An anti-dumping duty for five years on certain type of steel products is likely to be imposed.
  • Imports of “flat-rolled products of stainless steel” from regions, European Union, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan.
  • To guard domestic players from cheap imports.

To enable customs for clearance of consignment for the importer:

  • Entering the registration number.
  • Entering the expiry date of registration in the bill of entry.

India՚s Coal Import

  • Likely to rise in coming years. A target to increase the coal production to 1 billion tonnes by 2024.
  • Could vary widely, with 2030 demand seen anywhere between.
    • 1.15 billion tonnes and 1.75 billion tonnes.
  • A drop of 18.6 % to 116.81 million tonnes (MT) during April-October during this fiscal as compared to the previous year.
  • Coal import in 2019 - 20 was at 247.1 MT.
  • Coal import in 2018 - 19 235.35 MT.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 28, 2021

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